Yoga Center Registration System Testimonial

This is a testimonial from one of our main clients. We used the existing design of their web site and proceeded to build and integrate an elaborate registration system.

"We had no idea how efficient and cost-saving Ten Thousand Hours' online CMS system would be for our yoga center. Before Ten Thousand Hours overhauled our website, it was a "static" site that provided just the basic information about our center, and students had to call or email to enroll. We registered each student manually, sent out each confirmation, and read and answered about 50-200 emails a week. The more we grew, the more administration became stressful and all-consuming.

After Ten Thousand Hours integrated their online CMS system with our website's original design, it reduced our administrative work literally 90%. Students now create online accounts, register directly for courses, and receive uniquely tailored confirmation emails. While our business has grown 15% since implementing the new system a year ago, our inbox has reduced by 80%, and our students themselves have expressed their satisfaction with its ease-of-use.

We can also print out attendance lists before running off to class, call up a student's contact details and full history in a second, and dispatch newsletters regarding upcoming courses and workshops to pre-defined groups of students. When we update a webpage, it's much easier than before, and all corresponding pages are automatically synced. What's more, we're no longer tied to our desks as we can access all functions of our database via a smartphone from anywhere in the world! We consider their CMS system like our own personal secretary.

Ten Thousand Hours also took finer details into account like search engine optimization and site speed. Their hosting service has been very reliable too. Ten Thousand Hours has been very flexible and responsive during the design and implementation stages. They listened carefully to what we wanted and offered many creative solutions beyond what we thought was possible. Most important, you can depend on them. They return phone calls promptly and are simply a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend them with great enthusiasm! If you're a fellow yoga center, you will definitely have much more time on your hands for your own personal yoga practice and teaching preparation."

Denise Pesch/Fredric Bender
Centre de Yoga - La Source

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