Site Settings

What Does Each Field Mean?

When you first customizing your website you might be wondering what the different fields are all about. Here are helpful explanations and hints when creating your pages.

Company Name

This field is optional. It can be used in the footer of the pages, in association with the copyright line. It could also appear in emails sent to users for various reasons.

Contact Email

The site administrator will be notified at this address of messages sent via the contact forms.

This will also be the address in the  'from' and 'reply-to' fields of emails sent to your site users.

Site Name

This will usually be displayed prominently in your site's header.

Site Tagline

This is totally optional. Many site owners like to have a tagline attached to the site name.

Enable Comments in Pages

Modern websites can benefit from interacting with  their users. This only makes sense if you are ready to closely moderate the comments.

Disable Blog

Self-explanatory. Check this off if you don't want a blog.

Blog Name, Tagline, & Comments

Just like the site itself, your blog can have its own name, tagline, and comment system.


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