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75% Discount - Limited in Time

This offer might just last a couple days. May be a few more depending on the response.

We specialize in software which provides beautiful public web sites and easy-to-use, friendly administrative registration systems for yoga centers.

Yet the basic CMS system will fit web sites covering a wide range of activities thanks to the flexibility of the blog, static content page system and dynamic menus.

What do you get?

Features Basic CMS Yoga Center CMS Yoga Vidya CMS
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2,500 €
75% discount
625 €

6,000 €
75% discount
1,500 €

6,000 €
80% discount
1,200 €

Reserved to locations belonging to the Yoga Vidya organization
Hosting + tech support + redundant backups

360 €/year
(30 €/month)

60% discount
150 €/year (12 €/month)
IMPORTANT: This hosting fee is locked so the 60% discount will carry on for many years to come.


Inquire now. Only a few days left for the discount!

Unlimited content pages

Unlimited blog articles

Unlimited photos and illustrations

Unlimited photo albums

Unlimited download docs ( .mp3, .pdf, etc.)

Easy embedding of videos from YouTube or other places

Easy updating of pages even if you know very little about computers

Automatic update of web site schedule, calendar of events, workshops, trainings, etc.


Online registration system for all types of events


Mailing list module


Unlimited email-newsletters to unlimited subscribers


Online store (in construction)


Integration with yoga vidya




"... After Ten Thousand Hours integrated their online CMS system with our website's original design, it reduced our administrative work literally 90%. Students now create online accounts, register directly for courses, and receive uniquely tailored confirmation emails. While our business has grown 15% since implementing the new system a year ago, our inbox has reduced by 80%, and our students themselves have expressed their satisfaction with its ease of use ..."

See the complete testimonial

Inquire now. Only a few days left for the discount!

Elegant, professional-grade design

Design resizes and adjusts to all screen sizes from phones and tablets to very large screens

Custom, one-of-a-kind design optional Included in the prices above is an elegant, professional, standard design. Either we use a design from our existing templates or we develop a brand-new design according to your tastes and wishes. Upon completion we make a template out of this new design.

If you want your design to remain unique and not be used by any other clients of ours, you can opt for this custom design possibility.
Add 5,000 €
optional By default all our Yoga Vidya coop center share the same design but with this option, we can develop with you a unique design which will not be shared with any of our clients.
Add 5,000 €
Free training on how to use the system 10 hours free
optional 25 €/hour thereafter
Typically nobody ever goes over the 10 hours. We are very lax with this limit as long as you take notes and do benefit from the given training.
Site payment terms 50% at the outset, 25% at site launch time, and the remaining 25% at the end of the polishing phase
Hosting payment terms One-year dues to be paid at launch time and at each anniversary of the launch thereafter.
Freedom & complete backups We believe that our clients should have full freedom to stay with us or leave and find a different web host and/or programmers. Thus, if you let us host your site, we provide a feature which allows the site administrator to download the database data, all files that have been uploaded, and the programming source code. All it takes is a couple clicks, a few minutes, and it can be done at anytime.
Custom domain name Either you provide us with your domain registration information or we assist you in getting the domain and configuring it. No extra charge. We can assist you with setting up your yoga vidya subdomain at no charge.
Free logo inclusion You can provide us with your existing logo and we'll incorporate it to the design
optional For a fee we can design a logo for you. You will be able to use it not only on your web site but you will get the file to use it on your printed materials as well. Ask for a quote
Inclusion of the Yoga Vidya logo

Inquire now. Only a few days left for the discount!


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