Unfortunately a portfolio can only showcase the appearance of a web site, its design. Our specialty being the ease-of-use of basic CMS sites and yoga center registration systems, you will see here only the tip of the iceberg.

Swami Atma's portal

A one-page website because sometimes simplicity rules.

Screenshot and link

Swami Atma's portal website snapshot



Laurent Guénet Line

A startup line of luxury products.

Screenshot and link

Laurent Guénet Line website snapshot



Yoga with Sita

Screenshot and link

Yoga with Sita website snapshot



Le Site Officiel de Laurent Guénet

Screenshot and link

Le Site Officiel de Laurent Guénet website snapshot



Yoga Center Madrid


The Yoga Center Madrid already had a web site and a custom registration system. We re-did the design for them and presented the classes and teachers training courses in a more intuitive way for the user.

A good example of how the different database tables of classes, styles, teachers, events etc. interlink harmoniously.

This CMS is bi-lingual so all pages can be seen in Spanish or in English.

Screenshot and link

Yoga Center Madrid website snapshot



Parameshwari Yoga


Basic, all-purpose CMS site. Parameshwari opted not to have a blog.

This was our first responsive design. If you have a very large monitor you can make the windows as large as possible and then drag it down to very small size to see how the design adapts to all screen sizes all the way down to older, smaller smartphone resolutions.

Screenshot and link

Parameshwari Yoga website snapshot



WE Therapy


Basic, all-purpose, bi-lingual CMS site.

One-of-a-kind custom design. As far as we know, and unless it's been copied illegally since, you won't find a similar design anywhere on the web.

This CMS is bi-lingual so all pages can be seen in Spanish or in English.

Screenshot and link

WE Therapy website snapshot



Flying Mountain Yoga


A simple brochure web site with a unique design tailored to fit with the logo brought to us. This type of sites costs less than a CMS but requires a bit of HTML and other technical knowledge for the content updates.

Screenshot and link

Flying Mountain Yoga website snapshot



The Original Sivananda.org Website (1995)


This site is not much to look at by modern standards but we are proud to have developed it and launched it in July 1995!.

At that time there were only 275,000 websites in the whole internet and this was one of only two sizable yoga sites on the web.

The screenshot below dates from December 1996 as this site is even older than the internet archive wayback machine, where this screenshot can be found at full size in all its animated gifs glory.

Note the awards ;-).

It also had a graphic background which was quite new as most every site from 1994 came with a rather ugly gray background. Enough reminiscing, check it out. While you are at the internet archive you may look for very old sites. If you think our site was bad, check out the Apple web site!

Screenshot and link

Original Sivananda.org website snapshot


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