Two New Client Designs

In the last couple weeks we have launched a couple new sites for two of our good clients.

Both sites are complete CMS systems with regular pages and fully functional blogs.

Yoga Center Madrid

Our good friends Gauri Agulla and Westley Eckhardt are the founders and directors of the Yoga Center Madrid. The premier yoga center in Madrid, locaded on Serrano, right next to the Puerta de Alcalá, the Yoga Center offers a wide variety of classes, courses, and trainings.

Laurent GUENET

Laurent is an extraordinary teacher of billard carambole, drawing upon his keen sense of pedagogy and his experience as a world class champion.

His website and blog are often visited by his many students and fans.

YouTube Comments

Over the years I have been a huge Google fan. I and many others have benefitted from their approach to empower the user and in offering many first class tools for free.

I've got Google Apps for three of my domains. Spending billions of dollars serving all these videos via YouTube is pretty cool too. Of course they've had to find a way to monetize all this--principally via advertising-- and that's cool.

Just like Microsoft

Back in the 80's and early 90's Microsoft also created a lot of good products and brought about the standardization of the PC which many of us benefited from. Bill Gates and friends were merciless in dealing with their competitors but their users gained a lot from their ways, to a point.

At some point in the 90's, I forgot exactly when, I noticed that they had decided to direct their cut-throat ways at their own customers and I thought that was not cool. It took me a few too many years to finally switch to the Mac about 6 or 7 years ago.

For many years Aaron Wall has pointed out Google's inconsistencies and hypocrisy via his blog. I used to agree with him to a point but alway fell the benefits of using their products outweighed the downsides. I now feel that they have crossed the line and are now giving it to their users more and more aggressively. A lot of this in trying to force feed Google+ down their unwilling users' throats.

Fixing Up YouTube Comments

If anything, the current states of YouTube comments demonstrates the failure of aboslute freedom of speech. So YouTube announces that they are going to find and apply solutions in order to improve the quality of the comments on the YouTube platform.

Fast forward a couple weeks and what did they do? They've added millions and millions of spammy Google+ links as comments!!! How is this adding value to YouTube users?

Oh well.

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer

Unfortunately I could not find the source for this graphic but it's  a hilarious take on the causation vs. correlation debate.

IE market share and US murder rate correlation

Born Out of Frustration

This strikes a chord with web developers as Internet Explorer has been a source of constant frustration with web designers and programmers for years and years.

To this day, every new version brings its share of new issues.

Privacy vs. Cloud vs. Governments

Great Concern to Europeans & Others Around the World

This article is scary but not too surprising. Here is a short excerpt:

An obscure section in a US law is said to entitle authorities to access, without a warrant, data stored by any EU citizen on clouds run by American companies.

I'm thinking the only safe choice would be to set up one's own private, encrypted cloud.

New Year Greeting + Gift

Starting the Year with a Bang

We hope this new year 2013 finds you happy, healthy and inspired.

Alas most yoga centers, yoga teachers, and other professionals do not have the web site they deserve. For the new year we've decided to help as many people as possible get going by offering massive discounts on our CMS web sites.

The idea is to enable folks with a smaller budget to promote their activities with maximum effect and to be able to project a professional web presence.

What to do? Where to go?

If you want to learn more about this offer, please go to special offer page to check out all the details and if you are interested or have any questions whatsoever please send us a message.