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We offer a wide variety of web and internet services. For this new year we have decided to slash the prices of our popular database-driven CMS web sites but there is much more available. Please note that the products below have interfaces in English, German, French and/or Spanish:

  • Simple brochure web sites of just a few pages. Our most economical offering
  • Full featured database-driven CMS web sites with content pages, blog, photo albums, and more. These CMS sites can be multi-lingual. If your language is not covered in the list above, we can add any language if you assist us in providing the translation text samples.
  • Yoga center web sites. In addition to the CMS site described above which is used for the public facing web site, this offer includes a complete registration system geared towards yoga centers. Added features include:
    • A dynamically generated schedule
    • A dynamically generated calendar of upcoming events
    • All types of courses such as open classes, workshops, multiple class courses, intensive teacher trainings, ongoing 1-year or 2-year trainings, and much more
    • Cross-linking of all database tables related to your activity: teachers, yoga styles, specific classes and courses, locations, etc.
    • A registration system for students to sign up online to any events
    • A backend interface which can be used on a computer at the front desk or from a tablet anywhere there is a wifi signal
    • Full mailing list linked to the history of the students with their email address and/or postal address and phone information
    • Bulk email newsletters module
    • A yoga store (still in construction)
  • Web/Internet consulting. There are many ways to present your business to the online world. We can help you find the best way to fit your specific needs.
  • SEO consulting. We can help you develop a strategy using not only SEO but a wide variety of web marketing tactics.


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